Working On a Train Schedule

A few days ago I read a great post by Nathan Kontny. It was around the 600th post I read about how to stop procrastinating and start doing stuff this week. And yet, this is one I found to be valuable.

Nathan gives a simple model: set yourself a schedule. Never ever miss your schedule. Sounds too easy to work? Yeah, it's hard.

I am a chronic procrastinator. I have wonderful ideas all the time, yet how many cool products did you see me release? Not many. I love dreaming up stuff, but when it comes to actually making stuff, I fall short. I get lost in choosing the right tools, or decide I have some super important freelance project I need to finish first.

I used to be a productivity nerd. I read "Getting Things Done" twice. I changed my to-do app every week. I was obsessed with finding/creating the perfect method for getting stuff done.

When you are like me, simple is king. As a procrastinator I love to do anything but what's really important. Nathan's "train schedule" method gets rid of that. There is nothing to manage, nothing to optimise. You set a schedule and then deliver.

If you need a swift kick in your southern hemisphere to get to work, I suggest you try the train schedule. It'll be easy to decide if it's working for you: do you meet your schedule or do you miss the train every time?

Whichever happens, the schedule will be a clear measurement of your productivity. There is no room for explaining, you either make it or not.

I linked it at the beginning, but here it is again: Stuck again by Nathan Kontny

Do read it.

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